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Windcatcher is set in the heartwarming town of Herbertson, where Percy Boy, a fast-running Aboriginal boy, forms an unexpected alliance with Keithy Cobb, the newcomer, and Daisy Hawkins, a daring girl. Together, the trio aim to clinch the athletics carnival title from the “Wolf Pack” — the notorious grade five bullies. As Percy Boy trains, he uncovers his unique gift of seeing Lost Souls, a gift inherited from his grandfather. But as the big day approaches, a crisis looms over Herbertson and threatens Percy Boy’s family and the town. Percy Boy must harness the support of his mates, his family, and his community to face the challenge head-on. This is not just a journey about winning, but discovering the strength to make your mark. For Percy Boy, catching the wind is only the start of his great big adventure.
Captions and Audio Description produced by Access Media.

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