CLEAN – World Premiere March 12 at SXSW

CLEAN is a fly-on-the-wall exploration of trauma cleaning through the journey of larger-than-life business owner Sandra Pankhurst and the workers at Melbourne’s Specialised Trauma Cleaning Services.
Trauma cleaners clean spaces that no one else will touch – hoarder sites, meth-labs, murder scenes, deaths and suicides. They clean the homes of some of society’s most vulnerable people – the neglected, the lonely, the addicted, and the mentally unwell.
When illness forces her away from her beloved trauma cleaning business, Sandra faces up to her traumatic past and begins a search for her birth mother. Meanwhile, the workers approach this difficult work with camaraderie and humour, bringing hope to their clients despite carrying trauma of their own.
CLEAN shows us that life is more fragile than we might think, but there is hope and reassurance in human connection.

Captions and Audio Description produced by Access Media.
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