Captioning, audio description and media access: Australian Human Rights Commission


Captioning, audio description and media access

This past project page provides links to Commission activities and other resources on captioning for people who have a hearing impairment or are Deaf. Also included are links on audio description for blind and vision impaired people; and work on access to DVDs including captioning, audio description and accessible menus.


Tonic on Demand

Access Media provides captioning for Tonic on Demand
As well as for the Deaf and hearing impaired, captioning is widely used in situations where it is difficult to hear the TV audio. For example - hotels, gyms, medical practices and hospitals. Tonic Health Media provides a multi-channel network of TV, Digital Panels and Brochure Boards to over 4500 GP Practices, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Health Centre waiting areas Australia wide. They reach an audience of 14 million+ per month, connecting with more people in the health and well-being market than any other media. @tonichealthmedia